Christmas Message

"God with us".  God came in the flesh.  With great anticipation during this Advent Season, many of us plan and prepare for multiple celebrations and fellowships as part of a Christian observance of the delivery of a new birth. There is no greater joy than a child's birth.  I love the excitement, the togetherness, and the treasured time we enjoy during this Holiday...during these Holy Days. 


Let’s embrace the Blessings of this Season of Holy-Days:
                                Peace, Joy and Love

Peace upon Birth
The New Born, the Now Reborn; the Not yet Born

Joy of Connection
Creator, Community, Cousins

Love through Service
The Lord Almighty, the Light Aglow, the Life Available

I think that I will live as if each day is HOLY.

©2008 Maxine Bigby Cunningham, from Power Walking, a Journey to Wholeness

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