Making Room for "A New Thing"!

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I was intentional in how I spent the last day of the year 2010 - New Year's Eve. I filled my day with  reflection, meditation, prayer and joyous anticipation. The name "Eve" means "source of life".  In other words - conception, creation, birth, preparation for something that is about "to be".

In the morning I attended a yoga class where we practiced deep breathing, chest openings and sustained stretching positions. Whew! despite how it may have appeared, that class was a real work out. 

Next, I joined my church family in an afternoon prayer vigil as we made supplications for individual and collective openness and receptivity to that for which the Lord is preparing us.  I prayed for sustaining power during periods of discomfit which  we will undoubtedly encounter.

In the evening, desiring something New, I accepted an invitation to fellowship in another temple of worship with folks whose names I did not know but with whom I felt a kindred spirit.  Young and old, we  listed feelings, habits, attitudes and conditions that we desired to release, cleanse, destroy and erase".  We watched as ministers placed  "let go" lists into large silver Bowls sitting on the pulpit.  We were ready to clear out all that interferes with our receipt  of the highest good which God desires for us.

Each of us wrote a "Dear God" letter, expressing our specific prayers for thoughts, practices and conditions that would allow our highest good to be manifested.  Punctuality, mindfulness and order were among the items on my list.  The letters were placed in a large golden chest. The congregation watched as impediments to Goodness went up in flame.  Holding hands, we prayed with great expectation for the manifestation of the requests placed in the "treasure" chest.

Led by the jubilant playing of the instruments and joyful music by the choir, we sang and swayed triumphantly to the words of the Soulful Hallelujah Choir.  We welcomed abundance into our lives in 2011.

Now,  I am ready to move forward.  I am ready for the Next volume of my trilogy - Empowered Walking, I am ready to "forget the former things" and not dwell on the past.  I am open to receiving a New thing!
(Isaiah 43: 18,19)

What preparations are you making so that in 2011 you will be open to receiving "a new thing?"

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  1. Great post Maxine! In this New Year, I am surrendering EVERYTHING to God.


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