7 Secrets to Healing Brokenness

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On this journey called "life, we experience mental, emotional and spiritual as well as physical brokenness.  We may
  •  live with a mental illness or a debilitating auto-immune condition
  •  grieve the death of a dear one or the demise of a dream
  •  question why God allows horrific acts of violence or devastating natural disasters
  • break a leg or a law.    
Becoming whole can be both painful and exhilarating.  The process takes time, courage and faith.  Here are 7 Secrets to Healing Brokenness - body, mind and spirit.

1.  Awareness.
      Acknowledge the fractures in your life.  Recognize signs of brokenness - swelling, sadness, numbness, aches.  Denial delays fulfillment, in this case, healing.

2.  Worthiness.  
      Embrace your personal value.  Believe that you are worthy of the time, effort and investments to become whole.  Nurture your mind with positive thoughts; your body with nutritious food; and your spirit with love.

3.  Willingness.
      Exercise discipline.  In order to complete their recovery, patients may enter a rehabilitation program.  Participants must be willing to do the hard work facing them.  Whether a fractured hip, incarceration,  substance abuse, or a suicide attempt, "coming back" requires a mixing of intention      and sweat.

4.  Readiness
     Prepare for the healing.   Reach out for the support.   Spiritual sit-ups will strengthen the core muscles of faith in your Higher Power.  You can do this!

5.  Forgiveness.
     Let go of the resentment, guilt and anger.  The Gospels offer counsel on the difficult task of forgiving those who have caused us harm.  Begin with self-forgiveness. The released energy will become available for channeling into your healing.

6.  Fearlessness.
     Dare to venture outside your comfort zone.  This may mean disregarding stigma,  exploring alternative treatments, making life-style changes, developing new friendships, and forming new     habits.  This is not easy stuff.  To paraphrase the words of a world leader who came from a "broken" home,  there is audacity in hope.

7.  Gratefulness.
     Express appreciation.   If you envision wholeness - see it,  imagine the experience of wholeness -taste it,  believe in the possibility of  wholeness - touch it, and thank your Soul Source for the coming transformation - hear it, you will start the healing process.  Celebrate.

Share secrets you have uncovered for healing brokenness.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly Maxine. In my own recovery journey, I had to learn that I am worthy of a happy life and love; I also had to forgive myself for my past misdeeds and shortcomings. I firmly believe that fear is the opposite of faith; once I believed that my God would not abandon me (afterall, it was me who abandoned Him), I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I am so glad that you did not keep these steps secret; everyone should try them in their daily activities and see how much their life will change. Thank you for sharing.


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