"The Up Side of Being Down"

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Except among distant associates and strangers passing by, it is well known that staying on my feet is quite a challenge.  My history of falling is chronicled in my memoir, Power Walking, A Journey to Wholeness.  At the end, I celebrated my position of "Upright".

One week before Thanksgiving, I was gripped by a pain in my gut that knocked me off my feet.  Gripping indigestion, draining dehydration, aching muscles, feverish bouts and weakening fatigue ganged up and knocked me off my feet -- again.  The doctor said that it was an intestinal infection that, through regurgitation, had damaged my vocal chords and left me voiceless.

Laying on my back and contemplating a family day that I would spend alone (self-imposed so as not to spread germs), I composed my "Gratitude List".  There is an up side of being down:
  1. Offers new perspective, a way of looking at things from a different position
  2. Gives time for rest, sleeping, writing
  3. Removes guilt for taking the time to take care of me
  4. Reminds my "being" that, sooner rather than later, I can be back on my feet and walking.
I am grateful.  Share what is on your gratitude list.

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