Walking with Power

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 Power walking is my favorite form of exercise.   Power walking is defined as a style of walking performed at a steady, energetic pace using pronounced arm movements and brisk, wide footsteps.  This fitness strategy both requires and builds strength.  The benefits include:  

                weight management
                improved emotional/mental health (e.g., reduces tension, releases endorphins in the brain resulting in a calmer state of mind) 
                improved physical health (e.g., lowers risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer;  strengthens joints and tones muscles)
          time efficient and
          low cost

 The way we walk gives the world a peek into our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  They take note of our:

                speed - slow or fast
                level of  independence - assisted or unassisted
                gait - lumbered or graceful 
                form - bent over or straight back  posture
                focus - behind, to the sides, or ahead

Examine your walk:

                What can a person learn by studying your style of walking? 
                What do you tell others by the way you walk? 
                What steps can you take to learn to walk differently?
          Are you walking with power?

March is Women's History Month.  The 2012 theme is Woman's Education - Woman's Empowerment.   This month,  you are invited to join me in celebrating women whom I consider to be "Power Walkers".  


                She walked with a limp
                She walked with crutches
                She walks with grace
                She walks with a "wobble"

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