What is your "Why"?

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More than once I have contemplated taking my life.  Why live?  Truth be told, every day I ask myself, “Why should I get up this morning?”  More than 20% of people in the United States live with a mental illness and greater numbers struggle with self-destructive addictions or experience emotional disorders as a result of trauma or abuse.  In these instances, understanding your “Why” is more than life changing.  Knowing the answer can be life saving.

How can you discover your "Why"?

Allow negative self-talk, judgments and fears to flee.  Take time for
·      Quietness - pray, meditate, write
·      Exercise - walk, swim, dance
·      Nourishment - feed body (e.g., veggies), mind (e.g., puzzles), and spirit (e.g., music)

Avoid tempting seductions:
·      Food rather than feelings
·      Settling for what you are given rather than asking for what you want
.   Taking for granted rather than making the effort

Acknowledge your authentic Self---that which makes you distinctively you:
·      Gifts and talents
·      Passions and burning desires
·      Sources of laughter, joy and fulfillment

Knowing your “Why” is empowering.  You will
·      Possess greater clarity, direction and focus
·      Think more creatively and strategically
·      Heal, recover and be more alive. 

What is your why?   You can share by leaving a comment.

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  1. I was so blessed and encouraged by this Blog. I was again reminded of the awesomeness of God's plan for my life and the power that He has placed within me. Refocusing on my "Why" is what will propel me to my NEXT. Thank you for sharing this.


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