Listen Up! A Declaration of W.A.R.

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Does God wait for you to initiate conversations that you desperately need to have? Conversations that you would rather not have?  Am I alone?

Unable to control God’s responses or to claim lack of voice recognition, we try to avert, avoid, and evade these conversations.  The truth is that we are not always ready to hear or heed what God has to say.  God waits. 

Recently, I was walking a rocky path full of twists and turns, hills, and sink- holes:
 My health was failing – gastrological disorders, sciatica; depressive episodes.
 My stuff was breaking down - inoperable toilet, clogged air vents, busted cars.
 My money was funny - uninsured supplements, unpaid bills, dwindling savings.
 My hopes were dimming –joie de vivre, physical comforts, cash reserves.

                                                               You get the picture.           

In exasperation, I yelled, “God!  Are you trying to see how much I can trust you?  The calm reply, “No Maxine.  I want YOU to see how much YOU can trust ME.”  “Oh”, I mumbled.  I began expressing gratitude, spending more time with family and friends, entertaining the thought that my experience might just be “part of the process.”

A few weeks later, with more reverence this time, I said, “Okay God, what now?”  Just as clear as a bell, I heard the reply, “Start where you are; use what you have; do it now.”  Doubtful, I snickered, ”God, you cannot be serious.”  I procrastinated.

God surrounded me with angels.  From the pulpit, radio, magazines, social media, coaches, family and friends… the same message - “Just do it!”

What was holding me back?  Me.  Enough!  I made a decision.  I declared W. A. R.

Willingness – I am affirming my purpose, reading Biblical and inspirational texts, and, bolstered by a new mindset and by vigorous discipline, I am trusting.
Abilities – I am taking computer classes, using new marketing strategies, honing my speaking skills
Readiness – I am writing down goals and strategies, prioritizing tasks, and taking actions that are outside my comfort zone.

I am listening, determined to win the WAR! 

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