Four Letter Words

I have a fascination with words. They send out powerful vibrations.

  • Isn't it fascinating how a single word may be both a noun and a verb? Examples: love, mind, help, hope and face.
  • Isn't it fascinating how a single word has different pronunciations and meanings? Example: tear (rip) and tear (drop of water from eye when one cries).
  • Isn't it fascinating how a single word may have contradictory meanings? Example: walk - enter and depart; come and go
  • Isn't it fascinating how an inflection, tone or accompanying facial expression renders a distinction to a word? Example: the word "what"

Perhaps you've noticed that I have a particular fascination with 4-letter words. Back in the day", a 4-letter word was a "cuss" word, a taboo and a sign of decadence, for sure. This day, I reflect on many a 4-letter word which will lift, move, and allow us to soar.

Some of my favorite 4-letter words:

  • love, self, heal, care
  • twin, face, hold, hope
  • pray, read, sing, talk
  • feel, hold, bold, next
  • body, mind, soul, well
  • true, done, move, live
  • days, hand, eyes, hair
  • poem, book, step, walk

I would love to hear from you! How many different 4-letter words can you find in this blog? Won't you share your favorite 4-letter words? Remember the words must make you soar!

1 comment:

  1. LIFE!That's a great 4-letter word! Reflect on that...see to see how to brand your best life!!! God bless you and yours.


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