On your mark! Get set! Go!

Reflections on readiness.

As a child I loved to play a game of "Racing" in the back alley. The kids on the block all gathered there. One would declare him/her self the announcer as the rest of us lined up at the chalk- drawn starting line. Sometimes we ran and sometimes we skated. Either way, we would get set (get ready) to "move at the speed of lightning".

In dramatic Olympic fashion, the announcer yelled, "On your mark! Get set! Go!" We had but a few seconds to prepare ourselves: position our bodies, focus our minds and affirm our determination ... and ability to reach the finish line first. It was all in fun.

Not just a play thing anymore, I reflect on the gap between "get set" and "go". I am engaged in a serious game of life change (and I'm not talking about hormones).

I have spent a great deal of time getting ready to get ready to get ready.  I used to laugh at myself, just thinking about how funny that sounded whenever I defended my "not yet" inactions. Just the thought of changing can be overwhelming, threatening, paralyzing. What? do something new, something different, something unfamiliar, something uncomfortable, something difficult, something painful?

Now, I don't want to hear that "change" is the only constant. I've heard that before; I've even said the same to others. My challenge is "walking my talk".

I know the change that I want. I have given this change a name. I have completed all of the formal requirements; I have studied and earned my "papers"; I have performed and earned my "points"; I have communicated, consulted, and connected in preparation for achieving my goal. I have drafted my resume and my plan of action. I have nearly finished my vision board.

Alas, like the lame man, I lie at the Pool of Bethesda, full of excuses for not more agressively pursuing my passion, Empowered Walking Ministries. I know the steps:

1. [Get on my feet.]  I believe I can master the entrepreneurial as well as creative disciplines
2. [Take baby steps.]  I am finishing Vision, the last section of my collage of word expressions.
3. [Stay on my feet.]  I acknowledge that I will experience difficulties.
4. [Walk differently.]  I walk in the authority of knowing that difficult does not mean impossible.

Jesus asked, "Do you want to get well?"  Hearing the lame man's excuses, Jesus responded, "Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk." [John 5]

Are you still playing games?  Do you want to make a conscious change in your life's conditions? Do you want to fulfill your dreams?  What steps are you taking to "walk your talk"?

Comments welcomed.

1 comment:

  1. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Wow.. Did we grow up in the same neighborhood, or can we just relate to the goodness of growing up in the old school. Gettingn up, taking baby steps and giving your change a name... I love it. I never looked at it that way before, but yes, we all should give our goal a name... I enjoyed reading this blog. I'll be sure to stop by often!


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