"Going Through" to a New Beginning

The expression “going through” conjures up notions of temptation, testing, trial, turbulence, and turmoil. Another way of understanding this process called “going through” is preparation, separation, evaluation, confirmation and evolution.

No question, “going through” is rigorous training, an exercise regimen, and a vigorous work-out. Like the signs of autumn, in our lives there are signs that we are about to transition, to “go through”.

1. Days darken - there is more to do each day than there are hours in the day

2. Flower petals fall - we become blind to the beauty of life

3. Tree branches become bare - we look for shelter from pending storms

4. Climate temperatures drop - our future prospects seem chilling

5. God’s creatures move into hibernation - we cannot find our friends, our support system

When struck by natural, economic, social, or spiritual disasters, survivors are faced with a prospect of having to start over. Losses of any kind – physical, mental, spiritual or relationships – all can be disastrous.

Choosing to pursue a New Beginning is significant. This decision will mean that there is a process which you must “go through”.

There may be obstacles to a New Beginning:

1. Forgetfulness - Failing to remember our visions of a new life

2. Experiences - Labeling valuable lessons as seeming “failures”

3. Avoidance – Sidestepping unfamiliar and uncomfortable actions

4. Relinquishing – Denying personal responsibility for realization of our dreams

5. Stopping – Failing to persevere to the end of the journey

These are some steps to a New Beginning:

1. Thoughts precede manifestation. Keep thoughts positive. Align thought energy with who you want to be.

2. Visualization fortifies intention, keeps focus, and sharpens awareness. Let every day be prayerful, thankful, and mindful.

3. Imagination creates expressions of aliveness - mind, body and spirit.  Feel, move and dance.

4. Nourishment provides energy for endurance. Nourish the mind with positive thoughts; nourish the body with nutritious food; nourish the spirit with unconditional love.

5. Empowerment prevails over impediments to well-being and enables birth of a New Beginning.

Share the steps you have taken, are taking, or will take to reach your New Beginning!


  1. Great overview, Maxine! I would add to the list of obstacles: FEAR. And to the list of steps: RECOGNIZING AND ELIMINATING fear.

    When we don't achieve our goals usually fear is the culprit, buried underneath or masked behind some other imposter. :)

  2. Very thoughtfull post on mental wellness. It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Positive thinking


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