Protecting Our Personal Space

I have learned to be careful, more precisely, I am cautious about who and what I allow into my personal space.  Others in my space can distract me from my purpose or keep me focused. Others in my space can cause me to stumble and fall or provide a step up closer to my goals.  Like a heavy rock, they can weigh me down or they can keep me anchored. They can drain or re-fill my energy.

The ability to accurately discern the vibrations comes from experience and is less about "head knowledge" than highly developed "gut response".  A careful selection of who and what is a part of our environment is particularly critical in our homes.

I recently welcomed three bamboo plants into my home.  Since January of this year, I have been preparing an environment in which they will thrive so that I can thrive. The names of my housemates are Salem (Peace), Truth and Glory.  They now join others in my indoor garden - Courage, Nia (Purpose), M'dear  and Tvinity.  With whom do you share your personal space?

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