Recognizing Our Blessings

Some of our best blessings are those dreams that did not come true.

Looking back over my career, I recall:
  • Not being able to accept a coveted position in Los Angeles.  I later learned that I was being used by others to "stab someone in the back".  More significantly, on the west coast, years later I would not have been available to care for my mother as she battled cancer.
  • Being selected for a position that I really did not want.  My selection made my ailing mother "proud";  that made me happy.  The experiences and opportunities were tremendous.
  • Being moved from a high profile job to a back office, low visibility position with other "cast off" staff.  My staff and I created and catapulted a little noticed law into a major program and priority of a federal agency and other partnering domestic agencies.  I was back on top!
Professional disappointments can be devastating.  But, life experienced reveals that 'bye and 'bye, all things can work together for good.  That knowledge has kept my "on my feet".  What a blessing!


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